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What is a Seasonal Logo?

All around the world, many companies with famous logos modify their famous marks to celebrate seasonal holidays and festivals.

It's vital that your company stay on top in the competition and our seasonal logos allow you to do just that.

Why does my business need a seasonal logo?

A holiday-themed logo change is a great way to signal the start of the season to your customers. Take a cue from companies like Google and Facebook, and give your business logo a holiday twist.

The experts at INGIC Design not only creatively design your seasonal logos, but will guide you on how to effectively promote your brand with the use of the logo.

How can I take advantage of seasonal logo?

Designing and executing a seasonal campaign shows your brand cares about visibility, brand perception, and its consumers. The return on investment for caring is immeasurable for your business and brand.

Why wait? Reach us for a free design consultation on your personalized seasonal logo.

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